5 Benefits of Team Building Activities (Yes, they’re worth it!)

Team building activities can be fun, but are they really effective? Are they worth the investment?

You’ll do whatever it takes to create a better, more efficient work environment, but is there solid evidence of increased teamwork and communication as a result of team building activities? Here are 5 things Team Building Activities can do for you:

1) Boost Morale

Variety is the spice of life. Getting out of the office to share a new experience can breathe life into a team and revitalize communication. If you’re always in the same routine chances are you’re facing the same challenges day in and day out. Switching things up and spending time together in a new environment can give you a new perspective. When you come back to the routine you just might have inspired a spark of creative thinking that will give your company the boost it needs. And why not enjoy a delicious meal while you’re at it?

2) Encourage Better Communication

Getting out of the usual circles of communication can encourage people to get to know coworkers they might not work with all of the time. The team can benefit from building natural, long lasting relationships, starting somewhere without the pressures of the work environment. When these relationships develop organically in a relaxed context, they are much more likely to promote bonding.

3) Build Familiarity and Trust

Sometimes it’s easy to stay in your shell at work. And while not everyone is a social butterfly, team building activities can promote better engagement from each team member and open people up to a new level of comfort. You can become more familiar with everyone as you see a new side of them emerge. As a result, trust can be built that will lead to stronger bonds and increased productivity. Better team engagement means better teamwork.

4) Make Memories and Create an Office Culture

Days spent with team building activities leave a long lasting impact. Your team not only bonds during, but even afterwards as you look back on a foundational moment. Set the tone for your office and it will have an exponential impact as it makes the workplace comfortable and encouraging.

5) Have Tons of Fun!

What better way to bond than to share a delicious variety of food with someone? Our tours are enjoyable for all and we promise you’ll leave a happy (and very full) team! Cheers!

Eating Together, Working Together

If the old saying “families who eat together stay together” is true, how about applying that philosophy to your workplace? When you’re thinking about your next team-building activity, consider the power of an excursion with Sidewalk Food Tours to connect colleagues.

Everyone loves a good meal, and it’s even better when you can share the food with others. At the workplace, this could be as easy as going out for lunch or sitting in the breakroom together over sandwiches. But those gatherings usually involve only two people, maybe three or four. How about the whole enchilada, as it were?

Food tours are a great way to build camaraderie among your team. Here, a group enjoys pizza from Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission District of San Francisco. At center is Pizzeria Delfina proprietor Craig Stoll, a James Beard Award winner.

The popular blog TeamBonding believes an off-site meal is a great way to encourage camaraderie among co-workers: “Sharing food and having fellowship with the people you work with will greatly enhance creativity and communication skills.”

Research also supports the notion that teams sharing food will share a stronger bond in the workplace. For instance, a group from Cornell University published a study in 2015 in which they analyzed station meals among firefighters. They found that firefighters who ate together in turn worked better together because they felt a stronger connection to each other — “ideal work groups or platoons functioned like ideal families.”

Another great reason to do a team-building food tour is to foster friendships or at least social bonds in the workplace. When peers share a connection beyond working at the same place, it improves their mood and outlook on their jobs.

Thus, taking your team on a food tour is the perfect opportunity to create meaningful connections. People might find they share a love, or distaste, of a certain food. They might even share a familial connection with a particular dish or cooking style. They might not realize they were in such close proximity to restaurants they really enjoy. And with Sidewalk Food Tours, we go beyond the plates and offer guests an insider’s tour of a particular neighborhood, giving them new insights into the places they call home.

Sidewalk Food Tours operates in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Paris, France. We have many options to suit your team’s needs, including flexibility on the days and times when tours run. Visit www.sidewalkfoodtours.com to learn more.