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New York Food Truck & Cart Tours

New York City is know for it's glitz, glam, and.... Food Trucks! The recent explosion in the number of Food Trucks in NYC has made narrowing down a list of the best street food a daunting task. Tourists and locals alike frequently ask us where they can find the best street food. Street food in New York has its own unique, ever-changing culture as well as a long and rich history.

There are numerous ethnic and American foods from which to choose. Then, comes the formidable undertaking of locating the street food vendor serving up your favorite cuisines. Mobile food trucks are constantly changing (and tweeting) their locations. At Sidewalks of NY, we take you to the New York food trucks that the locals frequent, so you can experience the real flavors, people and culinary energy that you can only find in NYC.

We have done extensive and delicious research to guide you to the best food trucks and carts in New York City. Eat your way through the best street food in the greatest city in the world. Our Food Truck and Cart tours- mouthwatering excursions to the tastiest and most interesting New York Food Trucks and Carts. Join us on this 2 hour eating extravaganza, as you learn about the history and culture of the neighborhood and its street food. On our delectable journey, we will sample five mouthwatering and diverse cuisines from around the world. So, bring your appetite and get ready to eat your way through NYC's scrumptious streets.

Taste Your Way Through The Best Downtown New York Food Trucks! Pushcart vending in New York dates all the way back to 1691, when the Dutch first settled in New Amsterdam. Fast forward over three centuries, and today the popularity of street food has ignited the hit reality TV show, "The Great Food Truck Race." Street food is so prevalent in New York, there are even awards handed out to NYC's premier street food vendors, known as The Vendy Awards. New York food trucks primarily cater to the lunch crowd. There is no better place in NYC to find the hungry and sometimes stressed out masses than Wall Street. The area near Hanover Square, where most of the trucks can be located, is the oldest and most historic part of Manhattan.

Pearl Street gets its name from the plentiful oyster beds along the banks of East River in the 17th century. Oysters were one of the first foods sold on pushcarts by poor immigrants. Join us in the Financial District for some history, culture, and amazing street food.

Over the past couple of years, the variety of foods served up by New York food trucks have been readily increasing. Food carts are no longer just serving the traditional chicken over rice. Now, there are gourmet food trucks offering anything from authentic Belgian waffles and French cuisine to lobster rolls. We've done the legwork, so we can guide you to the tastiest and most innovative cuisines prepared and served on the street. Meet the owners of these businesses on wheels, who bring a passion and love for the experience, tastes, and pleasures of the meals they cook up.

As New York's largest central business district, Midtown Manhattan is indisputably the busiest single commercial district in the United States. The great majority of NYC's skyscrapers, including its tallest hotels and apartment towers, lie within Midtown. More than 700,000 commuters work in its offices, hotels, and retail establishments.

Somebody has to feed all these hungry people. Bring in the Food Trucks & Carts. Their delectable cheap eats cater to the lunch crowd in this bustling part of town. New Yorker's want their food good and they want it quickly. It's a match made in food heaven.