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New York Pizza, Beer and History Tour

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  • New York Pizza, Beer and History Tour
  • New York Pizza, Beer and History Tour
  • New York Pizza, Beer and History Tour
  • Nothing quite goes together like pizza and beer, and when you combine the two while touring New York's most culturally historic neighborhood, you have a recipe for a magical afternoon. Check out the best pizza and beer in Greenwich Village, a cultural mecca on the West side. You'll enjoy learning interesting tidbits and increase your cultural knowledge, all while savoring 3 pizza samplings and 2 beer tastings.

    New York Pizza, Beer and History Tour Highlights

    We'll raise our glasses and toast those who have come before us – and walk in their footsteps. We'll be walking the same streets as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jackson Pollock, Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan and other Village legends, chatting about what drew them all to this amazing corner of New York. We'll schmooze, take photos and sightsee as well as eat and drink, learning the amazing stories of the Village and all of the establishments we visit.

    About the Pizza: No neighborhood does pizza quite like Greenwich Village, with everything from amazing coal-fired thin crust pies, to traditional New York slices dripping with mozzarella cheese and oil, to newer pizzaiolis (pizza makers), many recent immigrants from Italy, who are showcasing how pizza is cooked in their home regions in the Old Country. We have been eating pizza in the neighborhood for decades, and have scouted out 3 amazing spots to try 3 different styles of pizza. We will examine what makes each so unique, from inspiration, to ingredients, to ovens.

    Foodies enjoying pizza on our tour

    About the Beer: Drinking in Greenwich Village has always been as big a part of the culture as music, painting and writing. Not even a little thing like Prohibition stopped the party -- the Village was home to some of New York's most famous speakeasies, and we will enjoy a beer at one of its better-known former speakeasies. Learn how they snuck in the booze and kept their customers from getting arrested, while enjoying drinks in the bars that helped transform Greenwich Village into "The Village" -- as much a state of mind as a physical neighborhood.

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